Join in on the fun at the CHL with your troop!

Cooking & Gardening Classes are availabe, 90 minute garden to table field trips or get the complete 3 hour culinary exeprience! The CHL also offers computer programming classes. 3 hour Intro to Java workshops or the deep dive into JAVA consiting of five 90 minute sessions.

To schedule a class, please contact Jessica Ellis, Center for a Healthy Lifestyle Director at 760.331.9421  or

Cooking & Gardening Classes
  • 90 minute garden to table field trips
  • Get the complete 3 hour culinary experience!
      “It was a fantastic time! I can’t believe how much they got to do. It was a truly valuable set of experiences for them. I learned so much, myself. Every one of us loved the space you all have created with the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle. Fabulous!”
      – Girl Scout Leader, April 2014
Computer Programming Classes
  • Intro to Java Workshop (3 hours)
  • Deep Dive into JAVA – (5) 90 minute sessions

Curriculum developed by

            “Thank you so much for the JAVA class. This is a fantastic opportunity,
          we’ve been looking for a class like this for two years.”

                – Mom & UCSD Professor