A community gem – Boys & Girls Clubs’ Center for a Healthy Lifestyle is dedicated to inspiring children & adults to live healthier lives through cooking, gardening and education.

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photo by Jay Golien

Solana Beach

The sunny yellow cottage offers a teaching kitchen, space for classes or entertaining, and is surrounded by an interactive organic garden with beautiful patios.

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Come check out The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle Farm located at the Griset Clubhouse of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito in Encinitas! The facility features an interactive, half-acre organic garden and commercial-like teaching kitchen.


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Our farm-to-table culinary curriculum is designed by graduates of Alice Water’s Edible Academy in Berkley, CA. Students learn practical skills and receive vocational training as they grow and prepare healthy food. The garden and kitchen are also available for the community to enjoy healthy cooking classes and garden education.

For more information about our community project, please contact us.