Join Jennifer Copyak, Founder and Creator 
of The Luminosity Cleanse
for a special workshop
“Nutrition & Smoothies for the Breastfeeding Mother” 
Jennifer will speak to nutrition basics in this special time of life,
as well as Replica Watches for men demonstrate and sample 3 smoothies that can be made at home.
Recipes will be provided.
Mamas & Babies welcome!
Instructor Bio:
Jennifer Copyak is a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC), food lover, wife, wilderness addict, and mother of two. She is also the creator of the popular Luminosity Cleanse. She believes that a clean, whole food diet is the cornerstone of vibrant health. She also knows first hand how challenging it can be to find time to nourish ourselves or change our habits in the midst of our very full lives. She designs nutritional programs to meet your specific needs and preferences, and her recommendations are always based on whole foods nutrition. When Jennifer is not busy juicing, blending, and consulting, she can be found in her garden, walking on the beach, on her SUP, playing with her family & friends, or wandering through a forest.
Contact info:
(619) 347-5264


Nutrition & Smoothies for the Breastfeeding Mother
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