Gardening, Coding & Cooking Summer 2016 Camps!

Registration is now open!

Ages 5-9: Surf Shack and Farmer’s Market
Ages 8-12: Master Chef, Surf Shack, Farmer’s Market
Ages 10-14: BarBCode and Food Blog
Ages 12-16: Kettlebells in the Kitchen

Early drop off/late pick up program will be available for an additional fee.

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Camps available at two locations:

Solana Beach, CHL
The yellow cottage at the Harper Branch features a teaching kitchen, patio and interactive organic garden. (533 Lomas Santa Fe Dr., Solana Beach, CA 92075)

Encinitas, CHL
The Griset Branch is home to our 6 acre organic garden and commercial-like teaching kitchen. (1221 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas, CA 92024)

Please select a camp below and click on the date to register.

Farmer’s Market Cooking Camp

Homemade applesauce and salsas, healthy breads and bunches of herbs, local salads and sandwiches, all of our favorites created and sold at our camper-created farmer’s market on the last day of camp! We’re stocking up on mason jars and recycled craft paper and readying the seedlings for the organic garden! They’ll be cooking, tasting and packaging all week long!

Ages 5-9
>> Aug. 1 –  Aug. 5 9am – 1pm $195/camper Solana Beach CHL
>> Aug. 8 – Aug. 12 9am – 1pm $195/camper Solana Beach CHL
Ages 8-12
>> June 20-June 24 9am – 3pm $250/camper Encinitas CHL
>> June 27 – July 1 9am – 3pm $250/camper Solana Beach CHL
>> July 18 – July 22 9am – 3pm $250/camper Solana Beach CHL

Surf Shack Cooking Camp

Come build and decorate the Surf Shack! We will spend the week creating menus, harvesting ingredients from the garden and cooking up food to open up our Surf Shack on Friday! Each week has its own theme!

Ages 5-9
>> June 20 – June 24 9am – 1pm $195/camper Solana Beach CHL
>> July 5 – July 8 (4 days) 9am – 1pm $170/camper Solana Beach CHL
Ages 8-12
>> July 25 – July 29 9am – 3pm $250/camper Solana Beach CHL

Master Chef Cooking Camp

Ages 8-12
Our hands-on, farm to table team cooking competition! Campers will harvest ingredients from our garden and learn knife skills and cooking techniques. Chef Jason will break the group into teams to participate in a variety of friendly cooking competitions. Skills, Prizes and lots of fun!

>> Aug. 1 – Aug. 5 9am – 1pm $210/camper Encintas CHL
>> Aug. 8 – Aug. 12 9am – 1pm $210/camper Encintas CHL
>> Aug. 15 – Aug. 19 9am – 1pm $210/camper Encintas CHL

BarBCode Coding & Cooking Camp

Ages 10-14
This camp sells out fast every year! Campers spend time in our tech lab and urban farm learning computer programming, being introduced to IoT devices and doing data visualization art projects. AND THEN, campers harvest produce from the farm and learn knife skills and cooking techniques in our teaching kitchen.

>> June 27 – July 1 9am – 3pm $295/camper Encintas CHL
>> July 11 – July 15 9am – 3pm $295/camper Encintas CHL

Food Blog Camp

Ages 10-14
An ambitious and unique cooking camp! Come learn how to create and plate gorgeous food! Campers will photograph and film the process, learn to write the story and use photo-editing and video-editing software to create beautiful food blogs. This camp feeds both the body and the creative soul!

>> July 11 – July 15 9am-3pm $325/camper Solana Beach CHL

Kettlebells in the Kitchen
In partnership with the experts at On the Edge Fitness 

Ages 12-16
The perfect camp to ready your teen girls and boys preparing for fall sports or looking for an amazing, effective, and SAFE strength training and cardiovascular routine using kettlebells, TRX cables, body weight exercises, lots of music and fun. In addition, we will spend lots of time in the kitchen learning to cook and prepare nutritionally-rich, performance-boosting and teen-approved tasting food. They will be exhausted.

>> July 5 – July 9 9am – 3pm $260/camper Encintas CHL
>> July 25 – July 29 9am – 3pm $325/camper Encintas CHL


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