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The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle offers a variety of classes for youth in our community! Join in on the fun!

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CLASSES – Farm to Table Cooking |  REGISTER HERE FOR CURRENT AND UPCOMING CLASSES! The Youth Culinary Academy (ages 8-14) is our after school garden to table cooking class.  The curriculum used is seasonally written by graduates of the Alice Water’s Edible Academy.  The minute students walk into the kitchen they are treated as the chefs and are guided through every aspect of successfully preparing seasonal, healthy food, often with ingredients harvested from the farm or garden.  They will be taught how to properly care for all the tools of the kitchen, knife skills, and cooking methods from a variety of cultures.


  |  We offer several camps throughout the summer as well as Holiday School Breaks. These camps are run in conjunction with the Harper and Griset Branches of the Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito. This year we have run Garden to Table Camp, Taco Truck Camp, Restaurant Camp, Computer Programming and Cooking Camp, Homesteader’s Camp, Thanksgiving Camp and many others!



Girl Scouts
  |  Join in on the fun at the CHL with your troop! Cooking & Gardening Classes are availabe, 90 minute garden to table field trips or get the complete 3 hour culinary exeprience! The CHL also offers computer programming classes. 3 hour Intro to Java workshops or the deep dive into JAVA consiting of five 90 minute sessions.



Homeschool Series
  |  Garden to Table Classes are available for homeschool students! With a skills-based and hands on approach to learning, students will learn traditional cooking techniques, theories, history and practice, in a working kitchen. Our program has a strong emphasis of “garden to table” and will also incorporate freshly harvested produce from our working organic garden. Some classes will also feature a gardening portion to learn growing techniques, theory and practice. Chef students will walk away from our classes with a working knowledge of culinary techniques and the foundation for being chefs their entire lives.